Sea transport of challenging cargo is simple

What to expect

Simple, No Hidden Fees or Surprises 

At ENKEL, we pride ourselves in providing top-notch sea transport services for challenging cargo. We believe that logistics should be simple and transparent, and our commitment to this carries through in everything we do.

Quick and reliable sea transport options

Efficient and stress-free solutions for handling your challenging cargo.


No cargo is too big, no ship is too small! Here we can offer a traditional way of shipping – either on liner ship or chartered ship. Of courser we will care about loading, unloading, lashing and securing works.

Container transport

If your cargo is suitable for container (Open-top, flat-rack or even standard), then you can save a lot on your transport costs and most probably benefit from the speed of containership.


Transport on roll-trailers allows bigger and heavier cargo than containers and it is very effective alternative to delivery by trucks.

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