We deliver your challenging cargo. Simply.

You are on the fast-track path to complete your delivery. Inquire us to guide you ahead. From now on your challenging shipment will look simple for you.

4 simple reasons


Tired of prices given as ‘per used’ or ‘per hour’? What about fuel surcharge or currency factors? Forget as a nightmare – we will show how to make it easier.


You don’t have to be an expert to order transport, but we should. Save your time for more interesting tasks than learning all the ‘how’ and ‘what’. Everything is simple for from now on.


With over 40 years of experience we have learned how to keep your transport costs within a budget and even lower. No hidden charges, no surprising extras.


We assure your cargo is in safe hands, otherwise you will be paid back by our complimentary “all-risks” insurance policy. Again, simply 🙂

Few things we’re great at


Road transport

Is your cargo too long, too wide, too high or too heavy for a standard truck?

Nothing to worry about at all. Our team will make necessary arrangements, provide with suitable vehicles and complete your delivery simply.


Sea transport

Is your cargo too big to be transported by road? Or the destination is remote?

This can be a right job for a ship. Our experts will guide you through the perfect solution and take care about everything to go smoothly.


Terminal handling

Does your cargo require to be reloaded from truck to ship or vice verse?

No hustle! We will assist with all the required operations including crane works, storage, lashing and even on-board welding if required.


Sometimes one photo can tell much more than hundred words.

Take a look at few examples of how your next solution may look like.

Delivery of 45 m long gangway ramp by ship
45 m long ramp on board
Transportation of A-frame offshore winch to Norway by ship. Oversize and heavy cargo transport made easy
LARGE winch to Norway
Delivery of platforms to UK
Delivery of metal-processing plant from Sweden

Ask us! We will rocket you to a solution.

Don’t loose your time and efforts – here’s a relief for your transport challenge

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